How do Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Differ?

Students need to understand the meaning of endothermic and exothermic reactions. The terms are common to science subjects, including chemistry and physics. Students may calculate the time for a particular reaction. Sciences are common across all learning institutions in the world. Students need to understand how to solve certain life issues through calculations available in science subjects. The teachers need to teach students the proper ways of solving mathematical and scientific calculations. 

Science contains different topics that concern calculations. Math is a subject that nobody ac run away from because it is used to solve complex issues concerning the living and non-living components of the environment. Endothermic and exothermic reactions involve the transfer of heat from one body to another. There are various media across which heat currents are transferred. When heat is transferred from a body, the medium relaxes, and when a body receives heat, it expands. Heat makes particles in a particular area disintegrate, and when the medium is cooled, the particles settle. 

What is the meaning of exothermic and endothermic reactions?

The prefix “Exo” in exothermic means “out of or outside,” while the prefix “endo” in endothermic means “containing, inner, absorbing or within.” The word thermic usually refers to “heat.” Therefore, an endothermic reaction means a reaction that absorbs heat from the environment, while an exothermic reaction refers to a reaction that releases heat into the environment. The two common words are used to refer to the movement of heat from one media to another. 

The scientific definition of exothermic and endothermic reactions

  • Exothermic reaction refers to any chemical change or reaction whereby heat energy is absorbed from a particular body.
  • Endothermic reaction refers to any chemical change or reaction whereby heat energy is released from a particular body.

How do the reactions work?

Chemical reactions happen on a molecular level when enough heat is supplied to reactant molecules. Enough heat breaks down chemical bonds that exist to form new bonds. All chemical reactions must contain similar components, including energy change and more than two reactants. There are different examples to illustrate how exothermic and endothermic reaction works.  

How do exothermic and endothermic reactions differ?

Examples of endothermic reactions

Melting ice – ice is in the form of a solid component arranged molecules firmly hold that. When the energy in the form of heat is introduced, the ice will absorb heat. The heat will cause the firmly held bonds to break and force water molecules to collide and move quickly. The temperature causes the solid water to transform into a liquid form. The melting of ice is an endothermic reaction because the ice absorbs heat and melts into liquid water. 

Photosynthesis  plants absorb the sun’s heat energy, transform it to NADPH and ATP, and release oxygen.

Evaporation – heat causes water molecules to be excited and causes them to collide faster; therefore, liquid changes into a gas.

Sublimation – dry ice has lower temperatures compared to ice. Exposing dry ice to higher temperatures causes it to change from solid-state to gas directly. 

An example of an exothermic reaction

Combustion: The fire to start in a chain reaction requires three components: fuel, oxygen, and heat. The reaction can take place in the endothermic and exothermic reactions lab. You need to arrange firewood, add gasoline, and light a matchstick. As the firewood burn, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are released.

Other exothermic reactions include condensation and oxidation.


The students studying the two reactions can compete in the endothermic and exothermic reactions science project. 

How to Avoid Procrastinating on Homework

Why are you procrastinating on homework? After receiving an assignment from the lecture, you find yourself buying time and pushing it to the following date. Most of the students have found themselves in trouble with this bad habit of procrastinating homework.

Though most of them will try to avoid it, they will find themselves in the same problem of procrastinating their assignments. Below are some of the strategies to avoid procrastination.

Study your procrastinating behavior

Make a quiz to help you determine how much you are procrastinating on homework. The quiz will help you track your procrastination behavior and undermine the necessary step you need to take to overcome the challenges.

With your questions, you can identify the types of assignments that normally put you off. You can also gauge your procrastination problem and categorize it as either a small o big problem.

Determine why you procrastinate on assignments

There are several reasons for procrastinating homework. Before you start fixing your issues, determine first the reason for the procrastinating assignment. Some of the common reasons why you are procrastinating your work include:

  • You are not sure that you will finish the assignment
  • You are subconsciously rebelling against your parents or teacher
  • The subject or topic is not interesting to you
  • You are mentally or physically tired
  • You are waiting till the perfect time to begin the assignment
  • You are confused and understanding how and where to start

After determining the reason for the procrastinating assignment, you can find the best way to handle it and start working.

Write the situation that makes you procrastinate your work

You will discover that you procrastinate in specific situations or issues. Writing down issues or situations that makes you procrastinate your assignment can help manage the challenge. Most students procrastinate their problems because of stress and feeling overwhelmed with issues.

Have your homework on your desk

How do I stop procrastinating on homework? It is simple, have your assignment on the desktop. Among the ways to stop procrastinating homework is getting started. Take your homework and put it on the table. You don’t take a lot of wiliness power to start working on your assignment. Once you have a book on your desk, your mind switches to work mode.

Break down your work into smaller tasks

If I want to stop procrastinating doing my homework, I should break my assignment into smaller, manageable tasks. You will be scared if you learn that you have a lot of work you need to clear. If you break them into manageable tasks, you will find them easy to work on.

When you receive huge assignments, take time to break them into smaller sections that you can finish within the shortest time possible. Once you clear every short assignment, relax before you coming back for the next section.

Have a timeline for all the assignments

Another practical way of preventing procrastination is by developing a timetable for your activities. Estimate the duration for every activity and timetable it. The timetable will keep you focused and punctual. If you develop a habit of following your timetable, you will not have a chance to procrastinate.

Establish a friendship with people who are focused and hardworking

The group which surrounds you have an impact on shaping your behavior. If your pair you with a lazy student who has a habit of procrastinating assignments, you will develop their behavior.

So, if you need to walk away from a bad habit of procrastination, find a team that can challenge you to be hardworking and focused.

Change your working environment

Your working environment can be another reason why you are procrastinating on homework. If you study in a room with destructors such as TV and phone, you may easily shift your focus and procrastinate.

Reward yourself for completing the assignment

Rewards are essential for high productivity. Reward every positive steps you achieve in doing your assignments. Because you will be breaking down your activities into small chunks, reward yourself for every small activity you complete successfully.


Procrastinating homework is common to most students. However, you can overcome the challenge by paying attention to the above tips.

Tips to Do Well in Programming Assignments

Programming always involves a creative job one requires to do my programming assignment. Do you wish to know how to find a programming solution to program faster and present software faster? Of course, who does not! Mastering the art of programming is sometimes difficult for few individuals, and therefore you may need to pay someone to do programming homework online fast.

The job of programming assignment help is one of the most paid in this professional field. The web is filled with homework study tips for developers. For one to code quickly, you have to be effective and energized to produce quality work.

Below are the tips on how to do well in programming assignments:

  1. Ensure that your fundamentals are clear and ask for assistance

To do well in programming assignments. You ought to understand its fundamentals. You ought to know how to handle the assignment and what is required of you. Ensure you have the best programming website to do the programming assignments. Once you are ready, break the project into smaller parts and have one coding language for it. Budget your time well and hold on to the basics of the first part before moving on to another. Sometimes, you may do it alone. Pay someone to do programming homework online fast may not be a good idea. The professional was also once in your shoes. Try it!

  1. Utilize available online resources and discover outside the work

The best way to find programming assignment solution is to utilize the available online resources. It is the best homework study tips to do well in programming assignments. There are tons of online resources and programming assignment help that you can utilize through the search engines to acquire insights to understand the subject properly. You should also have time to dig in on these tons of online resources to find the most helpful information to use.

  1. Create a conducive work environment

Creating a conducive environment is one of the best homework study tips you should use to find programming assignment solution. Programming can be interesting, and at the same time, it can be exhaustive. Continuous disturbances, distractions can hinder the flow of the work you are doing. After getting the best website to do programming assignments, isolate yourself from people and gadgets that may trigger distraction. Take breaks as you do my programming assignments to be refreshed and recharged. You will lessen the levels of your stress, and you may also find a programming assignment solution. It is not healthy to stay for hours on your desktop.

  1. Do a lot of practice and design for success

There is no day you can learn something and do it perfectly; therefore, practice always makes perfect. It is possible to read everything, but putting it into actual sense is impossible unless you do it reportedly. However, some people pay someone to do programming homework fast, but you can do a lot of practice instead. When designing for maintenance, you should play with data, altering your codes to witness different results. By doing so, you will enhance your analytical thinking skills will be enhanced daily. Always pause and review your work.


Adhering to this article serves well as a programming assignment help to do my programming assignments. Remember, programming is not something that you may do overnight. Also, it is not difficult. What you require is only your dedication, interest, passion, and patience. Remember to celebrate every step you make. Success as you start!

Best Tips to Ace Your Test

Most learners go through hell when it comes to preparing for a test. When you pass your test, it will show the teacher that you are serious, and at the end of the day, you will learn more. When you take your test seriously and prepare for it as much as you can, you will take a long time to forget the content. When your teacher chooses to test you now and again, it is for the better because you will not be scared or anxious at the end of the day. If you don’t know the best way to read for a test, worry not because you’re in the right place. If you follow all the tips, there is a high chance you will be passing all your tests.

Getting Informed

The worst thing you can ever do is going to an exam room unprepared. Before you begin the reading process, there are certain things you must check. You have to know all the chapters and the topics that will get tested. You have to know if there will be choices or you will have to write your Aleks answers. After you have an idea for all that, it will be easy for you to plan.

Thinking like your teacher

Your teacher knows that when you do your assignment, read your notes, be active in class and answer every quiz, you will pass your test. You have to think the same way if you want to excel because you will not pass your test if you fail to do any of the above.

Making your study aids

When you want to excel in your test, you have to read and answer questions on different topics. There is no way you can be well prepared if you fail to look at different questions. Most of the questions are always repeated.

Practice for the better

If you will have to write an essay, ensure that you practice and know all the steps as much as you can. If you have to prepare for a math test, you already know that you cannot pass without practicing hard. You will have to master different concepts and answer as many questions as you can. There is no shortcut when you want success. You have to struggle.

Studying each day

Practice makes perfect; if you make it a habit to study each day, there is no way you will ever fail in any test. It isn’t easy to read every day, but nothing can stop you once you have a plan. Most learners wait until the last minute to start reading, but that is the worst mistake you can ever make. If you want to be on the safe side, ensure that you set aside time for study each day.

Cutting out distractions

There is no way you can concentrate when certain things are distracting you. When there are distractions, it is hard for you to concentrate and grasp anything. Ensure that your phone is in another room or put in silent mode. If you cannot study in a silent room, you can listen to instrumental music. No one can study for 2 hours without taking a break and understand every point. Ensure that you take small breaks after every 30 minutes so that you can concentrate properly. If you take long breaks, it will be hard for you to continue with your study.

Studying Math in College

Most students are not getting good grades in a month. There are numerous reasons why learners are not performing well in mathematics. Some students are not ready to sacrifice their time to study effectively. Others are lazy and are not ready to push harder. If you are a lazy student, you have to think twice because there is no shortcut to mathematics. Other learners put in work but still get poor grades. There is no need to get discouraged when you work hard and don’t perform. If you are such a student, you should have hope because you can do a few things and your performance in your mouth will improve.

You need to find the best method to work perfectly for you and help you get the best grades. Some people perform well using their methods, but it is still great to know other tips to add them to yours and become an excellent student. If you feel that your methods work perfectly for you, you can continue using them without getting the pressure of adapting to others. No one is perfect. As long as you try and see results, you are good to go. There are certain things you must consider if you want to pass in mathematics.

Tackling Math homework

Most students have a negative attitude towards homework. Teachers are not stupid when they give students homework; they have reasons. It is the best way for you to understand different concepts and whatever you have learned in class. If you take your time to do mathematics assignments, there is no way you will ever fail. You have to take your homework seriously at all times because it will make you better. There are steps you should take if you want to make your study effective:

  • Take your time to check your notes properly before you begin with the session.
  • Think about ideas that will assist you in doing your assignment properly and ensure that you keep track of the new ones. Remember the warnings that the teacher gave you concerning the assignment. Take an example and go through it to ensure that you understand the different concepts.
  • Begin the assignment but remember to consider their ideas. Ensure that you understand each step properly to come up with the correct answers. Some tips will assist you in doing a great job;
  • When you have to complete the assignments from the Blackboard, and sure that you copy everything correctly. Do not fail to write a word or number if you want to correct the answers. If there is anything that is giving you problems, get help from your teacher.
  • Follow all the guidelines your teacher gives to you.
  • Ensure that you arrange your work neatly so that you have an easy time understanding every step.
  • Show all the working together with the answer. You will give the teacher an easier time to identify there is if there are any.
  • Go through your work after you are done to ensure that you correct all the mistakes.
  • Take your time to do the work before you forget the guidelines.
  • If the work is challenging, push harder and do not give up. You can go through your notes or take a few minutes to think.
  • If you have a hard time understanding, get help from your classmates or teacher. There is no need to struggle too much when you have a solution.

Make your errors assist you in learning

When you make a mistake in your assignment, it is good to correct them. If you assume the mistakes you make, you will continue making the errors, making the matter worse. Take your time to identify your mistakes and correct them as soon as you can. The mistakes you make will take you to the right path, and you will have an easier time understanding math. If you make a careless error, you can only notice it if you go through your work. Ensure that you go through your work and correct the necessary mistakes after you complete solving the problems.

Ways to Finish your Assignments Fast

Most students get stressed because they have to deal with the assignment. If you are a learner, there is no way you can avoid homework. When instructors give you an assignment, it is for your own good. They are trying to help you master the different concepts. Students should take assignments positively and find ways to help them complete them as fast as possible. There is no need to get confused when you have to deal with your homework. Some tips can assist you in completing your work on time to deal with other things.


If you cannot do your assignments alone, there is a solution for you. Numerous websites are ready and willing to assist students with their assignments. You can get a tutor that can assist you with your homework as fast as you want. You have to be careful when it comes to online issues because there are also numerous scammers. The website you choose should be legit and effective. When you get a perfect website, you will not need to worry about your assignment anymore as long as you have money to pay for the services.

Don’t Force Yourself

There is no need to force yourself because you are the one benefiting. When you concentrate on your homework, you will Excel in school, and that is the best thing. There is no need to force yourself to do your assignments; you have to do them willingly. If you’re not comfortable with dealing with your assignments, you have to change your mindset. Assignments are not boring at all because they will help you stay on track. You have to accept homework positively so that you can see and enjoy its benefits.

Get Motivated 

No one will always motivate you at all times; you have to motivate yourself. You need to motivate yourself so that you complete your homework on time. When you are not motivated, it will be hard for you to focus, and you will choose to use your phone. No one will tell you not to use your device; you have to use your own brain and do the right thing. The moment you have a positive mindset and you are motivated, nothing can stop you. Get the chance to do whatever you want after completing your assignment; that is very well you can give yourself. For you to finish all your assignments, you have to work hard and concentrate. The brain will operate the way you want it to; if you are ready and willing to start your assignment, it will be down for it, but if you are not, it will not.

Get Help

When things get hard, you can always get help from your friends, family, or teachers. Getting help is the easiest way of completing your assignment. There is no need to struggle when you have a solution. No one will ever judge you when you ask for assistance because it is better than doing your own things. If you’re at home, you can get help from your elder family members. The worst mistake you can ever make is remaining silent when you don’t know how to start your homework. When you seek help, it will be easier for you to understand and enjoy doing the assignment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

The question as to whether to ban homework or not bothers the majority of students. According to some studies, teachers tend to assign inordinately many assignments than students can handle in a night. This article discusses why teachers should abolish homework and reasons to permit 30 minutes of homework daily.

Experts’ opinion on banning homework

According to an article from HuffingtonPost, students from the United Kingdom and the USA believe the number of homework assignment tasks is not fair. It recommends not over 30 minutes of homework assignments. Students cite boredom and laziness as the reason why teachers should not assign them homework assignments.

Reasons for banning homework

  • Downtime at home, completing 2 hours of homework after attending class for 8 hours, appears like punishment to children. Children feel good when left to engage in other activities such as playing with other kids and watching TV.
  • Adverse effects on tests, schools should ban homework assignments to permit obtaining better marks. Students tend to fail their examinations since they focus too much on homework tasks.
  • Additional challenges, students engaged in other businesses with homework assignments, part-time jobs, or internships have a hard time catching up with additional tasks.
  • Inadequate support, studies have found out that teachers fail to explain how students will solve the assignments during class time, and parents might not be in a position to assist in every assigned task.
  • How students perceive things: Students perceive things differently. Hence some students understand and memorize topics when they watch similar videos, while others understand a topic after rereading it texts several times.
  • Different effects of writing, genius students get to understand the subject matter better. The lack of research and writing skills might fail all courses, and teachers fail to help.
  • Lack of tangible impact on performance: According to research by OECD homework assignments, tasks should not exceed 4 hours per week since the extra hours have a negligible effect on efficiency.
  • Irrelevant content: Homework deserves a ban if it does not emanate from studies, subject or topic. It is morally wrong to assign homework to students on the content they have not covered in class
  • More care, more love. Strictest parents confess that they rarely see their children. Education and work divide these generations. When the number of homework assignments gets reduced, family members will have quality time to spend together.

Disadvantages of banning homework

This section enumerates reasons not to ban homework assignments.

  • Reduce screen time. Without a homework assignment to occupy students, they will spend approximately 8 hours watching daily. Experts recommend not more than three hours, since it breeds laziness and damages eyesight.
  • Improve time management. All professionals need time management. Lacking time management becomes impossible to a portion of the days 24 hours every day.
  • Improve critical thinking. To improve both memory and necessary thinking skills, students need to do extra assignments after class time.
  • Inculcate a sense of independence. The majority of children strive for more freedom. Homework assignments provide an opportunity to discover personal threats and weaknesses and to work independently.
  • Spark enthusiasm. Homework assignments enable parents to communicate with their children.
  • Improved research skills: Doing homework assignments means that students must be observant. writing service provides them with an opportunity to collect necessary evidence and choose sources well.
  • Learning to multitask, with multiple homework assignments to do per night, a student develops multitasking skills. One assignment might need computer & analytical skills, writing, and research.


How Homework Affects Kids’ Health

The health of every human is measured in terms of physical well-being and mental capability amongst others. A child may deteriorate mentally as a result of excessive school work. Children typically need to play more than engage in mental activities because their brains need to develop and not put under duress at a young age. School activities are stressful for kids, and homework is unnecessary and can even result in unfavorable health conditions in extreme cases. Homework without limit, whether for kids or adults, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Young children that are being subjected to rigorous homework may suffer from both internal and external stress. The more difficult they find it to cope in school, the more difficult it is for their parents to keep calm about their condition. Most times, some parents panic so much that it affects the child. For example, a child who finds it difficult to complete homework regularly may be mentally stressed by the teacher and his school peers. When parents notice this, they start to make the child feel better but may increase the child’s level of stress.

Homework also affects a child’s performance in school. A child that does not do homework regularly may have their self-esteem reduced gradually. The teacher may even consciously or subconsciously begin to look down on that child while his peers who do theirs might even bully or make fun of him. A child with low self-esteem will begin to see school as a difficult thing he wants to escape from. He could also begin to feel as if he was born a dullard and may disregard education later in the future.

Too much homework also robs children of their playtime and makes it difficult for families to bond, creating distance between family members. A child may not be able to get the needed attention and love he desires from his family. As a result of this, homework creates a diverge between families, thereby affecting the students’ mental health. Although this is not so for some families, it is true in many families, especially those with busy parents. As a result of this divergent homework brings about, some parents have ordered their children not to do their homework when it takes more than 10minutes to complete.

Some studies have shown that it is not only younger children being adversely affected by excessive homework. High school and college students also view homework as their worst nightmare. It takes a large part of their time and drains their energy drastically. Research showed that students living in high-achieving communities spend a huge part of their time doing homework, experience more stress, health challenges, and lack of balance in their lives. This is why some high-achievers die at young ages.