Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

The question as to whether to ban homework or not bothers the majority of students. According to some studies, teachers tend to assign inordinately many assignments than students can handle in a night. This article discusses why teachers should abolish homework and reasons to permit 30 minutes of homework daily.

Experts’ opinion on banning homework

According to an article from HuffingtonPost, students from the United Kingdom and the USA believe the number of homework assignment tasks is not fair. It recommends not over 30 minutes of homework assignments. Students cite boredom and laziness as the reason why teachers should not assign them homework assignments.

Reasons for banning homework

  • Downtime at home, completing 2 hours of homework after attending class for 8 hours, appears like punishment to children. Children feel good when left to engage in other activities such as playing with other kids and watching TV.
  • Adverse effects on tests, schools should ban homework assignments to permit obtaining better marks. Students tend to fail their examinations since they focus too much on homework tasks.
  • Additional challenges, students engaged in other businesses with homework assignments, part-time jobs, or internships have a hard time catching up with additional tasks.
  • Inadequate support, studies have found out that teachers fail to explain how students will solve the assignments during class time, and parents might not be in a position to assist in every assigned task.
  • How students perceive things: Students perceive things differently. Hence some students understand and memorize topics when they watch similar videos, while others understand a topic after rereading it texts several times.
  • Different effects of writing, genius students get to understand the subject matter better. The lack of research and writing skills might fail all courses, and teachers fail to help.
  • Lack of tangible impact on performance: According to research by OECD homework assignments, tasks should not exceed 4 hours per week since the extra hours have a negligible effect on efficiency.
  • Irrelevant content: Homework deserves a ban if it does not emanate from studies, subject or topic. It is morally wrong to assign homework to students on the content they have not covered in class
  • More care, more love. Strictest parents confess that they rarely see their children. Education and work divide these generations. When the number of homework assignments gets reduced, family members will have quality time to spend together.

Disadvantages of banning homework

This section enumerates reasons not to ban homework assignments.

  • Reduce screen time. Without a homework assignment to occupy students, they will spend approximately 8 hours watching daily. Experts recommend not more than three hours, since it breeds laziness and damages eyesight.
  • Improve time management. All professionals need time management. Lacking time management becomes impossible to a portion of the days 24 hours every day.
  • Improve critical thinking. To improve both memory and necessary thinking skills, students need to do extra assignments after class time.
  • Inculcate a sense of independence. The majority of children strive for more freedom. Homework assignments provide an opportunity to discover personal threats and weaknesses and to work independently.
  • Spark enthusiasm. Homework assignments enable parents to communicate with their children.
  • Improved research skills: Doing homework assignments means that students must be observant. writing service provides them with an opportunity to collect necessary evidence and choose sources well.
  • Learning to multitask, with multiple homework assignments to do per night, a student develops multitasking skills. One assignment might need computer & analytical skills, writing, and research.


How Homework Affects Kids’ Health

The health of every human is measured in terms of physical well-being and mental capability amongst others. A child may deteriorate mentally as a result of excessive school work. Children typically need to play more than engage in mental activities because their brains need to develop and not put under duress at a young age. School activities are stressful for kids, and homework is unnecessary and can even result in unfavorable health conditions in extreme cases. Homework without limit, whether for kids or adults, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Young children that are being subjected to rigorous homework may suffer from both internal and external stress. The more difficult they find it to cope in school, the more difficult it is for their parents to keep calm about their condition. Most times, some parents panic so much that it affects the child. For example, a child who finds it difficult to complete homework regularly may be mentally stressed by the teacher and his school peers. When parents notice this, they start to make the child feel better but may increase the child’s level of stress.

Homework also affects a child’s performance in school. A child that does not do homework regularly may have their self-esteem reduced gradually. The teacher may even consciously or subconsciously begin to look down on that child while his peers who do theirs might even bully or make fun of him. A child with low self-esteem will begin to see school as a difficult thing he wants to escape from. He could also begin to feel as if he was born a dullard and may disregard education later in the future.

Too much homework also robs children of their playtime and makes it difficult for families to bond, creating distance between family members. A child may not be able to get the needed attention and love he desires from his family. As a result of this, homework creates a diverge between families, thereby affecting the students’ mental health. Although this is not so for some families, it is true in many families, especially those with busy parents. As a result of this divergent homework brings about, some parents have ordered their children not to do their homework when it takes more than 10minutes to complete.

Some studies have shown that it is not only younger children being adversely affected by excessive homework. High school and college students also view homework as their worst nightmare. It takes a large part of their time and drains their energy drastically. Research showed that students living in high-achieving communities spend a huge part of their time doing homework, experience more stress, health challenges, and lack of balance in their lives. This is why some high-achievers die at young ages.