How to Avoid Procrastinating on Homework

Why are you procrastinating on homework? After receiving an assignment from the lecture, you find yourself buying time and pushing it to the following date. Most of the students have found themselves in trouble with this bad habit of procrastinating homework.

Though most of them will try to avoid it, they will find themselves in the same problem of procrastinating their assignments. Below are some of the strategies to avoid procrastination.

Study your procrastinating behavior

Make a quiz to help you determine how much you are procrastinating on homework. The quiz will help you track your procrastination behavior and undermine the necessary step you need to take to overcome the challenges.

With your questions, you can identify the types of assignments that normally put you off. You can also gauge your procrastination problem and categorize it as either a small o big problem.

Determine why you procrastinate on assignments

There are several reasons for procrastinating homework. Before you start fixing your issues, determine first the reason for the procrastinating assignment. Some of the common reasons why you are procrastinating your work include:

  • You are not sure that you will finish the assignment
  • You are subconsciously rebelling against your parents or teacher
  • The subject or topic is not interesting to you
  • You are mentally or physically tired
  • You are waiting till the perfect time to begin the assignment
  • You are confused and understanding how and where to start

After determining the reason for the procrastinating assignment, you can find the best way to handle it and start working.

Write the situation that makes you procrastinate your work

You will discover that you procrastinate in specific situations or issues. Writing down issues or situations that makes you procrastinate your assignment can help manage the challenge. Most students procrastinate their problems because of stress and feeling overwhelmed with issues.

Have your homework on your desk

How do I stop procrastinating on homework? It is simple, have your assignment on the desktop. Among the ways to stop procrastinating homework is getting started. Take your homework and put it on the table. You don’t take a lot of wiliness power to start working on your assignment. Once you have a book on your desk, your mind switches to work mode.

Break down your work into smaller tasks

If I want to stop procrastinating doing my homework, I should break my assignment into smaller, manageable tasks. You will be scared if you learn that you have a lot of work you need to clear. If you break them into manageable tasks, you will find them easy to work on.

When you receive huge assignments, take time to break them into smaller sections that you can finish within the shortest time possible. Once you clear every short assignment, relax before you coming back for the next section.

Have a timeline for all the assignments

Another practical way of preventing procrastination is by developing a timetable for your activities. Estimate the duration for every activity and timetable it. The timetable will keep you focused and punctual. If you develop a habit of following your timetable, you will not have a chance to procrastinate.

Establish a friendship with people who are focused and hardworking

The group which surrounds you have an impact on shaping your behavior. If your pair you with a lazy student who has a habit of procrastinating assignments, you will develop their behavior.

So, if you need to walk away from a bad habit of procrastination, find a team that can challenge you to be hardworking and focused.

Change your working environment

Your working environment can be another reason why you are procrastinating on homework. If you study in a room with destructors such as TV and phone, you may easily shift your focus and procrastinate.

Reward yourself for completing the assignment

Rewards are essential for high productivity. Reward every positive steps you achieve in doing your assignments. Because you will be breaking down your activities into small chunks, reward yourself for every small activity you complete successfully.


Procrastinating homework is common to most students. However, you can overcome the challenge by paying attention to the above tips.

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